João M.N. Silva

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In Brazilian reefs, zoanthids, especially Palythoa caribaeorum are fundamental for structuring the local benthic community. The objective of this study was to determine the growth rate of P. caribaeorum, and to assess the influence of the site (different beaches), season (dry and wet), location (intertidal or infralittoral zones), and human pressure(More)
This paper studies energy localization conditions in lattices of the type proposed by Peyrard and Bishop. Homogeneous and inhomogeneous lattices are analyzed and the role of interfaces in the latter is emphasized. Simulations allowed us to identify critical energy values for the existence of localization. After a certain energy value, it is possible to(More)
An algorithm for burned area mapping in Africa based on classification trees was developed using SPOT-VEGETATION imagery. The derived 1 km spatial resolution maps were compared with 30 m resolution maps obtained with 13 Landsat scenes, through linear regression analysis. The procedure quantifies the bias in burned area estimation present in the low(More)
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