João Luiz Jung

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In this paper, we describe an animated pedagogical agent that assists the interaction among students in a virtual class within a collaborative communication tool, either on-line or not, motivating them, correcting wrong ideas and providing new information. This guiding agent, which we call Collaboration Agent, will consider not only the cognitive(More)
This paper is part of a research project called "A Computational Model of Distance Learning based on the Socio-Interactionist Approach". This project is related to situated learning, i.e., in the conception of cognition as a social practice based on the use of language, symbols and signs. The objective is the construction of a Distance Learning environment,(More)
In this paper, we describe the multi-agent infrastructure underlying I-Help, an internet-based learning and peer-help system that was deployed over the last two years with over 1000 students at the University of Saskatchewan. The system contains a variety of learning resources, most prominently, public discussion forums, on-line materials, and a chat-tool(More)
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