João Luiz Afonso

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—The large dependency of the imported fossil fuels and the soaring oil prices, makes essential the look for alternatives to the traditional people transportation system. The natural bet is the electric mobility, namely Electric Vehicles (EV), and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). This way, in this paper is analyzed the potential impacts of the(More)
– Until not long ago, most fuzzy logic based control applications were limited to the management of user interfaces, sensors and actuators, corresponding to a slow software operation. These techniques are specially appropriated whenever the system model is non-linear and/or difficult to obtain. Is it viable to use fuzzy logic in faster " real time "(More)
Active Power Filters have been developed in last years, mostly for three-phase systems applications. The use of Shunt Active Power Filters on single-phase facilities brings many benefits for the electrical grid, since these installations have non linear loads and power factor problems, and in their total, they are responsible by a significant portion of the(More)
This paper presents a recommender system responsible for processing information that will help the driver in the daily use of his Electric Vehicle (EV), minimizing the problem of range anxiety through a personalized range prediction and by presenting in real time relevant information about the charging stations that can be reached within the range autonomy.(More)
— The main objective of this tutorial is to present the basic concepts on the instantaneous p-q Theory and them show its applicability for controlling switching converters connected in a micro-grid. These converters can be used for connecting renewable energy sources (solar, wind, and others) to the micro-grids or for harmonic, reactive power or unbalance(More)