João L. Pinto

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This work investigates the effects of magnitude and/or phase distortions, in 8-Phase Shift Keying (8-PSK) systems, due to Gaussian bandpass noise. Analytical expressions are derived to compute the performance of the distorted 8-PSK signals in terms of error vector magnitude (EVM), symbol error rate (SER) and Es/No. The results show that the same value of(More)
The recent advances of polymer technology allowed the introduction of plastic optical fiber in sensor design. The advantages of optical metrology with plastic optical fiber have attracted the attention of the scientific community, as they allow the development of low-cost or cost competitive systems compared with conventional technologies. In this paper,(More)
The integration of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors in lithium-ion cells for in-situ and in-operando temperature monitoring is presented herein. The measuring of internal and external temperature variations was performed through four FBG sensors during galvanostatic cycling at C-rates ranging from 1C to 8C. The FBG sensors were placed both outside and(More)
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