João L. Fernandes

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Lipoma arborescens is a rare clinical condition characterized by mono or biarticular involvement of large joints, such as knees, hips, ankles, elbows, and shoulders. The aim of this case report is to describe an unusual case of lipoma arborescens affecting multiple large joints, mimicking rheumatoid arthritis. The patient, a 29-year-old woman had a history(More)
Early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is essential for its proper management. Currently, the initial phase of rheumatoid arthritis is known to provide a window of therapeutic opportunity. Although the diagnosis is primarily clinical, the development and improvement of laboratory and imaging methods have contributed to earlier diagnosis and determination(More)
The limited depth of field causes scene points at various distances from a camera to be imaged with different amounts of defocus. If images captured under different aperture settings are available, the defocus measure can be estimated and used for 3D scene reconstruction. Usually, defocusing is modeled by gaussian convolution over local image patches, but(More)
Lead arthropathy is a well-known complication of gunshot injuries with retained intra-articular bullets. Although several previous reports have discussed the radiological findings of this entity, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings have never been described before in this setting. In this paper the authors review the(More)
Biphosphonates are now being used experimentally in children to increase bone mass, but their long-term effects remain an issue of concern. We report two cases of biphosphonate-induced radiographic changes in children with rheumatic diseases. Our experience supports the view that clinical improvement and radiographic findings after biphosphonate therapy are(More)
A new approach to shape estimation from shading input has been recently introduced through the processes of disparity-based photometric stereo (DBPS) and Green's function shape from shading (GSFS). Both processes start from a pair of constraints - a matching constraint and a photometric constraint -to arrive at a closed-form expression for the depth(More)
Green's functions are a traditional technique for solving inhomogeneous differential equations which has found several applications in pure and applied science, as, for instance, in Electrodynamics or Quantum Mechanics (Hassani, 2002). Given a one-dimensional linear differential operator, x , and a set of boundary conditions, the solution to the(More)