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The limited depth of field causes scene points at various distances from a camera to be imaged with different amounts of defocus. If images captured under different aperture settings are available, the defocus measure can be estimated and used for 3D scene reconstruction. Usually, defocusing is modeled by gaussian convolution over local image patches, but(More)
A new approach to shape estimation from shading input has been recently introduced through the processes of disparity-based photometric stereo (DBPS) and Green's function shape from shading (GSFS). Both processes start from a pair of constraints - a matching constraint and a photometric constraint -to arrive at a closed-form expression for the depth(More)
The so-called "crowned dens" is a peculiar manifestation of calcium crystal deposition diseases, either caused by calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate or caused by calcium hydroxiapatite crystals, characterized by the presence of calcific deposits around the odontoid, often showing a crown-like configuration on imaging. It has protean clinical and radiological(More)