João H. G. Borges

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The authors examined whether, similar to collective agent behaviors in complex, biological systems (e.g., schools of fish and colonies of ants), performers in team sports displayed functional coordination tendencies, based on local interaction rules during performance. To investigate this issue, they used videogrammetry and digitizing procedures to observe(More)
We present a new expert system: a constraints generator for structure determination of natural products. The constraints that the system furnishes are: skeleton (reliability: 9S%), large substructures (reliability: 98%) and their associated assignments (reliability: 90%). This system is intended for structure determination of carbon-rich compounds (sesqui-,(More)
Experimental results from operational deployments of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAVs) systems are presented and discussed. This is done in the context of the Apollo command and control framework developed by the AsasF project from Porto University. Apollo is targeted at multi-vehicle operations in mixed initiative interactions (allowing intervention of human(More)
— On this paper we derive the numerical coefficients for a nonlinear model of new AUV model designed at Oporto University. This is made using theoretical and empirical methods as also by adapting the known results from similar AUVs. We use the derived model on MVS, a simulator which can be embedded in the loop of the control software, by replacing the(More)
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