João Gustavo Corrêa Reis

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—In this paper the use of Wireless Power Transmission is employed to power up ID sensors located below a ceramic tile. The system developed with this technique allows the implementation of a very low cost indoor localization system based on RFID. This passive sensor identification is then transmitted through a SimpliciTy connection to a database, where a(More)
INTRODUCTION Laryngeal tuberculosis (LTB) is the most frequent granulomatous disease of the larynx and represents less than 2% of extrapulmonary TB cases. There are no pathognomonic clinical and endoscopic features of this disease and studies on LTB that can assist in its diagnostic characterization are lacking. OBJECTIVE To identify factors associated(More)
INTRODUCTION Laryngeal tuberculosis (LTB) is the most frequent larynx granulomatous disease. In general there is lung involvement, but in an important proportion of cases you can find LTB without pulmonary disease. The lesions observed in LTB, such as ulceration and fibrosis, can interfere in the process of voice production. The involvement of the mucous(More)
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