João G. F. M. Gazolla

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This paper proposes and describes a developed methodology to port complex scientific applications originally written in FORTRAN to the nVidia CUDA. The process was developed and validated by porting an existing FORTRAN weather and forecasting algorithm to a GPU parallel paradigm. We believe that the proposed porting methodology described can be successfully(More)
My goal was to show that the fine-grained CPU allocation afforded by virtualization Disseration Summary technology can be used to improve throughput of jobs in deadline-driven batch processing environments (e.g. in the cloud). As a case study, we used computationally-intensive medical image processing workloads. Using real executions with synthetic(More)
Due to global warming, an increase amount of water could be found in the environment. It causes the appearance of clouds in satellite and aerial image acquisitions. Clouds and shadows cause interference in aerial images acquired, that can be in two ways: signal attenuation and different range of illuminations. The signal attenuation is caused by the image(More)
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