João Filho Matos Figueiredo

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While much has been written about democracy and democratization, far less attention has been paid to the institutional organization of authoritarian regimes. Scholars have focused on the causes, economic policies, societal support, intra-elite conflicts, or human-rights violations of authoritarian regimes. More recently, political scientists have also(More)
The popularity of teleradiology services has enabled a major advance in the provision of health services to areas with difficult geographical access. However, this potential has also brought with it a number of challenges: the large volume of data, characteristic of imaging tests, and security requirements designed to ensure confidentiality and integrity.(More)
The sustainability of the water uses in the future depends on the planning and the rational management of water resources. As many governments around the world, Brazil has endorsed in 1997 the federal law 9.433 on water resources, which previews the development of management tools to support decision making on how to use and regulate the rights of rational(More)
Fresh water is becoming a major concern in actual societies as it represents only 2.5% of the total Earth water reserves. Some recent studies point the year 2025 when 2 of every 3 persons will be affected by the lack of fresh water. This paper presents a predictive controller strategy that is implemented on a modern automated water canal where sensors and(More)
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