João Fabrício S. Figueirêdo

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Cryptosporidium and Giardia are 2 protozoan parasites responsible for waterborne diseases outbreaks worldwide. In order to assess the prevalence of these protozoans in drinking water samples in the northern part of Portugal and the risk of human infection, we have established a long term program aiming at pinpointing the sources of surface water, drinking(More)
Understanding the molecular mechanisms and the signaling pathways that underlie the pathology of cancer progression is crucial for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools. A major common mechanism used by cells to regulate intracellular signal transduction pathways is reversible protein phosphorylation which results in profound changes in(More)
While much has been written about democracy and democratization, far less attention has been paid to the institutional organization of authoritarian regimes. Scholars have focused on the causes, economic policies, societal support, intra-elite conflicts, or human-rights violations of authoritarian regimes. More recently, political scientists have also(More)
The paper reports results on the automation of the spray-painting process in industrial powder coating plants. The automation of the spray-painting process requires a painting model and the definition of appropriate metrics for painting task validation. Two main topics are addressed in the paper: motion planning of paint deposition and paint quality(More)
To understand the situation of water contamination with Cryptosporidium spp. and Giardia spp. in the northern region of Portugal, we have established a long-term program aimed at pinpointing the sources of surface water and environmental contamination, working with the water-supply industry. Here, we describe the results obtained with raw water samples(More)
Fresh water is becoming a major concern in actual societies as it represents only 2.5% of the total Earth water reserves. Some recent studies point the year 2025 when 2 of every 3 persons will be affected by the lack of fresh water. This paper presents a predictive controller strategy that is implemented on a modern automated water canal where sensors and(More)
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