João F. C. Sequeira

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This paper describes preliminary studies on a prototype robot for the inspection/maintenance of electrical power lines. Faulty insulators or abnormal objects can be detected before causing a failure in the distribution of electrical energy. The robot uses a statically stable variation of the brachistochrone motion to move along the power lines and overcome(More)
— In this paper, the detection and tracking of face, mouth, hands and medication bottles in the context of medication intake monitoring with a camera is presented. This is aimed at recognizing medication intake for elderly in their home setting to avoid an inappropriate use. Background subtraction is used to isolate moving objects, and then, skin and bottle(More)
This work aims to develop a power supply system to use with the RIOL robot, [1], useful for inspecting high voltage overhead power lines. The power supply operating principle is based on the harvesting of the magnetic energy around the power supply lines by clamping a transformer around the line. A switching power rectifier, controlled to emulate a(More)
This paper describes part of a study on a prototype robot for monitoring/surveillance tasks conducted over the infrastructure provided by electric power lines/electric shield wires. Among the most relevant tasks that can be carried out by this robot are forest patrolling, environmental mapping and wildlife monitoring. The robot uses a statically stable(More)
This paper describes the longitudinal dynamics modeling of the RIOL robot. This robot is designed to move hanging on a suspended cable in applications such as the inspection of electric power lines and aerial monitoring/surveillance. The main characteristics of the robot are described along with simulation results for full and reduced models of the(More)
The Web Server is currently the most widely deployed type of distributed data server. This paper presents an intrusion-tolerant web server based on the Deterministic IntruSion ToleRance ArChiTecture (DISTRACT), which is also introduced. The objective of this architecture is to support faultand intrusion-tolerant services based on the state machine approach.(More)
The autonomous locomotion of a legged robot presents several challenges, such as stability and sensitivity to the ground slope. Complex sensory systems, accurate physical models, and demanding computational resources are often required to maintain balance, that together with precise servo control leads to high energy consumption levels. This paper addresses(More)
Parvovirus B19 (PB19) is a common, widespread, small, single-stranded DNA virus which has been linked with a broad spectrum of clinical illnesses, including a variety of neurological complications such as encephalitis, meningitis, myelitis, stroke, cerebellar ataxia, and neuropathy. The authors describe a case of PB19 infection associated with hemolytic(More)
(2013). " Using Data Envelopment Analysis to support the design of process improvement interventions in electricity distribution ". Abstract — A significant number of studies have documented the use of Data Envelopment Analysis for efficiency measurement in the context of electricity distribution, particularly at the level of the distribution utilities.(More)