João Evangelista Fiorini

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T-cell epitopes within viral polypeptide VP4 of the capsid protein of foot-and-mouth disease virus were analyzed using 15-mer peptides and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from vaccinated outbred pigs. An immunodominant region between VP4 residues 16 and 35 was identified, with peptide residues 20 to 34 (VP4-0) and 21 to 35 (VP4-5) particularly(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the mutagenicity (clastogenicity/aneugenicity) of a glycolic extract of Ziziphus joazeiro bark (GEZJ) by the micronucleus assay in mice bone marrow. Antimutagenic activity was also assessed using treatments associated with GEZJ and doxorubicin (DXR). Mice were evaluated 24-48 h after exposure to positive(More)
BACKGROUND This research evaluated the genotoxicity of oil and tincture of H. annuus L. seeds using the micronucleus assay in bone marrow of mice. The interaction between these preparations and the genotoxic effects of doxorubicin (DXR) was also analysed (antigenotoxicity test). METHODS Experimental groups were evaluated at 24-48 h post treatment with(More)
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