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Ultrasound vocalizations (USVs) known as 22kHz are usual components of the defensive responses of rats exposed to threatening conditions. The amount of emission of 22kHz USVs depends on the intensity(More)
This study examined the effects of motor stimulation via treadmill on the behavior of male gerbils after external carotid ischemic brain lesion. The animals were assigned to five groups; ischemic(More)
The effects of three types of global ischemia by occlusion of carotid artery on motor and exploratory behaviors of Gerbils were evaluated by the Activity Cage and Rota rod tests. Animals were divided(More)
Exposing body tissue, in vivo, to a magnetic field promotes metabolic alterations in the cell membrane’s permeability and in the apoptosis phenomenon. This aim of the study was to investigate(More)
This study analyzed the electromyographic and strength responses of the flexor muscles of the wrist following stimulation of acupuncture points. A total of 52 participants were randomly divided into(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies show that chronic hemiparetic patients after stroke, presents inabilities to perform movements in paretic hemibody. This inability is induced by positive reinforcement of(More)