João Dinis

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This paper describes the implementation of INFIBRA, a machine vision system used in the quality control of acrylic fibre production. The system was developed by INETI under a contract with a leading industrial manufacturer of acrylic fibres. It monitors several parameters of the acrylic production process. This paper presents, after a brief overview of the(More)
Transcriptogram profiling is a method to present and analyze transcription data in a genome-wide scale that reduces noise and facilitates biological interpretation. An ordered gene list is produced, such that the probability that the genes are functionally associated exponentially decays with their distance on the list. This list presents a biological(More)
—We introduce the first sweep line algorithm for computing spherical Voronoi diagrams, which proves that Fortune's method can be extended to points on a sphere surface. This algorithm is similar to Fortune's plane sweep algorithm, sweeping the sphere with a circular line instead of a straight one. Like its planar counterpart, the novel linear-space(More)