João D. Semedo

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Developments in neural recording technology are rapidly enabling the recording of populations of neurons in multiple brain areas simultaneously, as well as the identification of the types of neurons being recorded (e.g., excitatory vs. inhibitory). There is a growing need for statistical methods to study the interaction among multiple, labeled populations(More)
We propose a dimensionality reduction method to identify linear projections that capture interactions between two or more sets of variables. The method, distance covariance analysis (DCA), can detect both linear and nonlinear relationships, and can take dependent variables into account. On previous testbeds and a new testbed that systematically assesses the(More)
Many studies have demonstrated the relationship between the alpha activity and the central visual ability, in which the visual ability is usually assessed through static stimuli. Besides static circumstance, however in the real environment there are often dynamic changes and the peripheral visual ability in a dynamic environment (i.e., dynamic peripheral(More)
This work proposes a test that evaluates how well a subject can recognize and relate objects in the peripheral and foveal field while focused on some different task and how well this subject can make decisions based on this visual information. Although there exist a few peripheral vision tests in ophthalmology for checking the homogeneity and the reach of(More)
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