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This paper studies specific language level abstractions for component-based programming. We propose a simple model which captures some basic ingredients — like explicit context dependence, dynamic binding and subtype polymorphism, late (dynamic) composition, and avoidance of inheritance in favor of object composition — that several authors have defended to(More)
We present a process-calculus model for expressing and analyzing service-based systems. Our approach addresses central features of the service-oriented computational model such as distribution, process delegation, communication and context sensitive-ness, and loose coupling. Distinguishing aspects of our model are the notion of conversation context, the(More)
This paper describes an evolution of the ComponentJ programming language, a component-based Java-like programming language where composition is the chosen structuring mechanism. Com-ponentJ constructs allow for the high-level specification of component structures, which are the basis for the definition of compound objects. In this paper we present a new(More)
Experimental and Monte Carlo simulations were conducted for an Elekta Ltd Precise Treatment System linac fitted with a low Z insert of sufficient thickness to remove all primary electrons. A variety of amorphous silicon based panels employing different scintillators were modelled to determine their response to a variety of x-ray spectra and produce an(More)
Photon dose calculation algorithms (such as the pencil beam and collapsed cone, CC) model the attenuation of a primary photon beam in media other than water, by using pathlength scaling based on the relative mass density of the media to water. In this study, we assess if differences in the electron density between the water and media, with different atomic(More)
The evaluation of pollutant levels is a key aspect on the issue of keeping a clean environment. Conventional techniques include the utilisation of a fixed setup incorporating pollutant sensors. However, these approaches are a very long way from an accurate monitoring. Thus, to improve pollutant monitoring on a power plant chimney, the use of robotic agent(More)
Data-centric multiuser systems, such as web applications, require flexible yet fine-grained data security mechanisms. Such mechanisms are usually enforced by a specially crafted security layer, which adds extra complexity and often leads to error prone coding , easily causing severe security breaches. In this paper, we introduce a programming language(More)
This study focused on predicting the electronic portal imaging device (EPID) image of intensity modulated radiation treatment (IMRT) fields in the absence of attenuation material in the beam with Monte Carlo methods. As IMRT treatments consist of a series of segments of various sizes that are not always delivered on the central axis, large spectral(More)