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Simulated Moving Bed Technology: Principles, Design and Process Applications
Make more knowledge even in less time every day. You may not always spend your time and money to go abroad and get the experience and knowledge by yourself. Reading is a good alternative to do inExpand
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Cost Management in IT Outsourcing Contracts: The Path to Standardization
IT Outsourcing contracts are a specific and complex set of IT services that require providers to give special attention to manage a long relationship at optimal cost. The challenge is to identify theExpand
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Mapping Critical Success Factors for IT Outsourcing: The Providers' Perspective
We focus on providers' critical success factors and their relationships in IT Outsourcing contracts. Expand
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Measuring and Evaluating Efficiency on IT Outsourcing operations through Data Envelopment Analysis
This work proposes a model based on Data Envelopment Analysis DEA, which is a linear programming technique able to manipulate multiple inputs and outputs. Expand
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Modularidade: apontamentos para a possibilidade dos desenhos como imagens modulares
This text evolves as an exploration of drawing and its complexity as a media integrating and creating reality and its experience. To a beholder, a drawing is an image that must be perceived as aExpand
Price management in IT outsourcing contracts. The path to flexibility
IT outsourcing contracts are known for their use of a fixed price. This happens mainly due to the need of the customer to accurately budget its IT operation costs. However, nowadays, the use of fixedExpand
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Data Envelopment Analysis for Measuring and Evaluating Efficiency on IT Outsourcing Operations
During the last decades, the IT service sector has been one of the fastest growing segment in the global economy, consequently, Information Technology (IT) outsourcing providers face severalExpand
Online Social and Business Networks’ Implications for Corporate Strategy
The social and business environment is changing dramatically. Driven, among other things, by the incredible technology development; more informed and demanding consumers; dynamic supply chains andExpand
Business Intelligence as a Service - Strategic Tool for Competitiveness
The rise of new service trends are taking place, and if an organization is able of combining the advantages of those trends, it might gain competitive advantage, throughout Business Intelligence as a Service. Expand
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