João Cleber Bezerra Liborio Correia

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(Leave the number of pages blank) In the last decade we have witnessed an unprecedented development of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) for missions with high societal impact. Future generations of UAV systems will reflect the major current trends: increased levels of autonomy, lower cost, longer endurance, and networking capabilities. Networking is one of the(More)
In p2p marketplaces, users often have to decide if someone is trustworthy or not. Sometimes, this decision is based purely on faith, which is something not everyone is willing to do. For this reason, trust has been identified as one of the key factors for the success of the sharing economy. Over the years trust mechanisms have been developed on a per site(More)
Hardware accelerators like GPGPUs and FPGAs have been used as an alternative for the conventional computing architectures (CPUs) in scientific computing applications and have shown considerable speed-ups. In this context, this poster presents a solution that takes advantage from FPGA's flexibility to explore efficiently data reuse, parallelization in both(More)
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