João Carlos G. D. Costa

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Due to its functional importance and its large and highly differentiated central projections, the vibrissal system of rodents is a prime object for the study of sensory plasticity, especially at the cortical level: the representation of vibrissae in the "barrel field", a part of the somatic cortex, is exceptionally precise and is susceptible to(More)
The effects of the nootropic drugs Piracetam (Pir) and Pramiracetam (Pram) were evaluated on recognition-memory of rats in a new one-trial test. This test is based on spontaneous exploratory activity and does not involve rule learning or reinforcement. Recognition is measured by the time spent by rats in exploring two different objects, one familiar (the(More)
Rats were preoperatively trained on a 5-unit linear maze and were then subjected to fimbria lesions. The animals were then retested on the same task with one group of rats with fimbria lesions and a control group being injected daily with 0.5 mg/kg d-amphetamine sulfate prior to testing. Lesions significantly impaired postoperative performance of the task,(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to evaluate the radiation dose, image quality and acquisition time of coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) using a 128-slice dual source scanner with prospective ECG-triggered high-pitch spiral acquisition (Flash Spiral). METHODS A series of 20 consecutive patients in sinus rhythm, with no(More)
The well-known multivariate technique Principal Components Analysis (PCA) is usually applied to a sample, and so component scores are subjected to sampling variability. However, few studies address their stability, an important topic when the sample size is small. This work presents three validation procedures applied to PCA, based on confidence regions(More)
OBJECTIVE new technologies for computed tomography coronary arteries imaging aim to reduce the radiation dose whilst maintaining image quality. The purpose of our study was to compare radiation dose and image quality parameters of Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (CCTA) performed with retrospective 64-MDCT and prospective 128-MDCT. PATIENTS AND(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the relative conspicuity of the pancreaticobiliary tree on respiratory-triggered three-dimensional turbo spin echo (3D TSE RT) and breath hold single-shot turbo spin echo (SSTSE BH) acquisitions respectively in MRCP imaging. Both techniques were applied to 61 patients with clinically suspected pancreaticobiliary(More)
This work deals with the use of multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) and a weighted Euclidean distance (the tolerance distance) as an exploratory tool in developing predictive logistic models. The method was applied to a living-donor kidney transplant data set with 109 cases and 13 predictors. This approach, followed by backward and forward selection(More)
An epidemiological study of Fasciola hepatica in cattle was implemented in the north central region of Portugal. Both an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and an egg shedding quantification technique were used in the follow-up of seven herds. Two of these herds were negative and the other five were positive for F. hepatica. A herd cut-off of value of 0.425(More)
In partially restrained but awake and undrugged rats, excitatory unit responses of the somatic cortex barrel field to vibrissal stimulation, were recorded in two conditions: during spontaneous episodes of theta and in the absence of this rhythm. Two main variables were considered: a signal-to-noise ratio and an index of the "afferent inhibition". Both(More)