João Caldeira

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Understanding causal relationships on incident management can help software development organizations in finding the adequate level of resourcing, as well as improving the quality of services they provide to their end-users and/or customers. This paper presents an empirical study conducted upon a sample of incident reports recorded during the operation of(More)
The optimal medium pH to produce biomass and fatty acids by the red yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides NCYC 921 is 4.0, and to produce carotenoids is 5.0. Based on this difference, a dual-stage pH control fed-batch cultivation strategy for the enhancement of lipids and carotenoids production by this yeast was studied. The results showed that when the yeast(More)
Nowadays, software development of stovepipe applications faces a prototype negotiation problem with the customer over time. This process becomes frequently bothering, by being recursively interactive between the customer and the company itself. The project shown in this paper looks for answers to this problem, taking the prototype demonstration into a(More)
Software development has become a fundamental process on any business or organization. As a consequence, together with other emergent technologies, new development platforms (IDEs) are being created, mainly in the cloud (e.g., Eclipse Orion, Cloud9, Codio), requiring different approaches on the way software development can be studied. Empirical studies on(More)
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