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Identifying the sentinel lymph node has been shown to carry prognostic and therapeutic implications in the surgical treatment of solid tumors. Recently, sentinel lymphadenectomy has been described for gastrointestinal malignancies, but its clinical value remains uncertain. We describe the case of a patient with appendiceal carcinoid who underwent a right(More)
The authors describe an approach to neo-umbilicoplasty for patients with vertical midline scars and those who have undergone extensive tegumental resections after bariatric surgery. Two lateral pedicle flaps sutured to each other are used to shape a cutaneous wall tube in which the inverted end is anchored to the aponeurotic plane. A navel cavity of(More)
This article presents a personal methodology for the surgical planning of abdominoplasties with the goal of obtaining the best aesthetic result with the minimum of scars. With a thorough physical examination, the abdomens are classified into different groups and surgery is planned accordingly. The authors use liposuction in association with dermolipectomy(More)
Supernumerary nostrils are extremely rare. A review of the literature revealed 21 published cases since 1906. We present a case of supernumerary nostril located above and to the side of the left nostril in a male patient. We discuss differences between published reports, surgical techniques proposed, and the outcome of our treatment approach.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the shoulder strength ratios obtained from college-level baseball pitchers and age- and sex-matched nonpitchers. Shoulder flexion/extension and externallinternal rotation strength ratios were assessed in 10 pitchers and 9 nonpitchers. Speeds selected for testing were 180 and 300 degrees /sec on the Cybex /I.@R(More)
The COBE-DMR 4-year maps displayed a strong non-Gaussian signal in the " inter-scale " components of the bispectrum: their observed values did not display the scatter expected from Gaussian maps. We reexamine this and other suggested non-Gaussian features in the light of WMAP. We find that they all disappear. Given that it was proved that COBE-DMR high(More)
Treated persistent ruminative vomiting of a 15-year-old boy with autism using a multicomponent behavioral medicine program within a residential facility. Preceding intervention the boy had lost 15 pounds associated with high-rate ruminating. The treatment program included a combination of dietary, nutritional, and behavioral procedures that emphasized food(More)