João C. Neves

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This paper studies the role played by distribution costs in shaping the behavior of the real exchange rate during exchange-rate-based stabilizations. We document that distribution costs are very large for the average consumer good: they represent more than 40 percent of the retail price in the US and roughly 60 percent of the retail price in Argentina.(More)
Interest in the security of individuals has increased in recent years. This increase has in turn led to much wider deployment of surveillance cameras worldwide, and consequently, automated surveillance systems research has received more attention from the scientific community than before. Concurrently, biometrics research has become more popular as well,(More)
Using the periocular region for biometric recognition is an interesting possibility: this area of the human body is highly discriminative among subjects and relatively stable in appearance. In this paper, the main idea is that improved solutions for defining the periocular region-of-interest and better pose / gaze estimates can be obtained by segmenting(More)
Soft biometrics have been emerging to complement other traits and are particularly useful for poor quality data. In this paper, we propose an efficient algorithm to estimate human head poses and to infer soft biometric labels based on the 3D morphology of the human head. Starting by considering a set of pose hypotheses, we use a learning set of head shapes(More)