João Cândido Fernandes

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Though used occasionally, systemic therapies in severe childhood psoriasis have not been systematically investigated. Cyclosporin A (CysA) is effective in adults with severe psoriasis but there are no extensive data regarding the efficacy and safety of its use in childhood psoriasis. In this paper, we describe six children aged between 11 months and 13(More)
UNLABELLED The medial olivocochlear tract has efferent control over the outer hair cells, regulating the slow contractions and damping the fast ones. Using ipsilateral, contralateral or bilateral otoacoustic emissions amplitude studies, it is possible to estimate the conditions of this tract, since the effect resulting from the reduction/suppression of(More)
SUMMARY Introduction: The most frequent complaint of the cochlear implant users has been to recognize and understand the speech signal in the presence of noise. Researches have been developed on the speech perception of users of cochlear implant with focus on aspects such as the effect of the reduction to the signal/ noise ratio in the speech perception,(More)
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