João Bosco da Mota Alves

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The advantages of networking are widely known in many areas, i.e. from business to personal areas. One particular area where networks have also proved their benefi ts is education. Taking the Higher Education level into consideration, it is easy to fi nd many successful and fruitful examples of networks both in the long and short past. More recently, the(More)
A set of tools that is being developed for the automated inspection of rubble-mound breakwaters, as well as its application to the survey of Sines' west breakwater armour layer, are described. The results from the IRIS surveys are compared to those of the surveys carried out by the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute and first assessment of the structure(More)
 The present paper analyses some pedagogical aspects of Computer Programming Disciplines on Fresh Curriculums of Engineering and Computer Sciences Courses. The discussion is centered on the possibilities of synthesis of several disciplines under the academic title of Inverted Curriculum, as a pedagogical axis. The Object Oriented Computer Modeling Paradigm(More)
This work presents a model for patient monitoring in Intensive Care Units (ICU), using a WWW application tool-Micro WEB-Server (MWS) – an embedded computer system, in order to monitor physiological data, obtained by standard monitors, captured, made available via WEB and temporarily stored (previous 24 hours data). Monitors are connected to, also standard(More)
This article aims to describe actions that contemplate the use of technological resources in mathematics classes in Brazilian basic education. It is presented a case study on a class of the 5th year elementary school from the public school Otávio Manoel Anastácio. The work is part of the project entitled "Proposal for integrating technology in(More)
—This paper presents a scale model of grain storage tower, i.e. a silo for drying and airing cereal grains. The scale model consists of a 2.50 m wide x 2.10 m long plant with all control and monitor capacities provided by Micro Web Servers. An application running on the Micro Web Servers enables storing all parameters in a data basis for later analysis,(More)
In this paper authors present a didactic method for teaching Data Structures on Computer Science undergraduate course. An approach using functional along with procedural languages (Haskell and ANSI C) is presented, and adequacy of such a method is discussed. Authors are also concerned on how functional language can help students to learn fundamental(More)