João Bosco A. London

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The network reconfiguration for service restoration in distribution systems is a combinatorial complex optimization problem that usually involves multiple non-linear constraints and objectives functions. For large networks, no exact algorithm has found adequate restoration plans in real-time, on the other hand, Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEA)(More)
This paper presents a new topological methodology for critical measurements identification in observable networks. A measurement is said to be critical, in an observability sense, if its removal from the measurement set makes the associated system lose observability. The proposed methodology is based on the properties of both, observable measurement(More)
Problems in power distribution system reconfiguration (PDSR), such as service restoration, power loss reduction, and expansion planning, are usually formulated as complex multi-objective and multiconstrained optimization problems. Several evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have been developed to deal with PDSR problems, but the majority of EAs still demand high(More)
This paper presents a new multiobjective discrete differential evolution for service restoration in distribution systems. The proposed approach was compared with other five multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs), which use Node-Depth Encoding (NDE). The proposed approach have been evaluated taking into account the switching operations necessary to(More)
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