João Barreira

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Several herbal beverages claim medicinal benefits due to their antioxidant properties. However, operational factors such as the extracted herbal component, preparation method or concentration levels, might influence their biological activity. To assess this effect, the antioxidant activity of beverages prepared with Camellia sinensis, Aspalathus linearis or(More)
Resumo: Neste artigo é proposto um kit de conferências virtuais, que visa ultrapassar algumas limitações de conferências no mundo virtual Second Life, em especial as restrições ao número de avatares que podem estar presentes em simultâneo num local. O que se pretende com a proposta aqui apresentada é possibilitar que os avatares que participam na(More)
Five sweet orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) varieties cultivated in Huelva (Spain) and picked at two seasons during two consecutive years, were characterized for their antioxidant activity (free radicals scavenging activity, reducing power and lipid peroxidation inhibition) and vitamin content (vitamin E and vitamin C). The effects induced by sweet orange(More)
—An augmented reality system allows you to combine real and virtual objects in a real environment, interactively and in real-time, features that give these systems a high potential in learning environments. This paper discusses the fundamentals of information technology in education. In particular, it explores the mobile augmented reality as a tool to(More)
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