João Aragão Ximenes Filho

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The voice of aged persons is usually different from that of younger adults--a fact indicating that aging induces changes in the human larynx. The aim of this study was to perform a histomorphometric analysis of the vocal fold and of a fragment of skin in order to determine the modifications related to aging and possible differences between genders. Twenty(More)
UNLABELLED Several materials have been injected or introduced in the vocal folds in attempt of solving the glottic insufficiency. However, few studies have evaluated the cicatricial process due to the implantation of these materials. AIM The objective of this research was to evaluate the concentration of collagen after microsurgery graft of muscular(More)
AIM Analyze and compare the openings for medical residency in Otorhinolaryngology in Ceará in 2003 along with the profile of the applicants. STUDY DESIGN cross-sectional. METHODS Data on medical residency programs in Ceará as of September 2003 were obtained electronically from the web page of the National Commission of Medical Residency (CNRM). The(More)
A greater difficulty in exposing the arytenoid cartilage during rotation surgeries has been observed for men. The objective of the present study was to describe the position of the cricothyroid articulation and the distance between the right and left articulations, and to compare these findings between genders. The following measurements were obtained for(More)
AIM To detect early on a probable hearing loss in children of women exposed to occupational noise during their pregnancy and to verify if there is any difference between the children from those women exposed to occupational noise during their pregnancy and the ones from mothers that do not work under the same conditions. METHODS Children from women(More)
Glottic insufficiency has been managed since the beginning of the twentieth century. The autologous grafts, as fat and muscular fascia, have shown safety and good results. The authors discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using fat and fascia in the management of glottic insufficiency, regarding historical aspects, inflammatory process and surgical(More)
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