João Antonio Martino

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The importance of plasma protein concentration, renal vascular resistance, and arterial pressure as mediators of the natriuretic response to volume expansion was investigated in anesthetized dogs. Saline loading depressed plasma protein concentration and increased arterial pressure but did not decrease renal vascular resistance. Restoring plasma protein(More)
SUMMARY Chlorothiazide and ethacrynic acid were given to normal humans and patients with cirrhosis and ascites, with replacement of urinary losses, to obtain information on (1) the influence of different states of sodium balance and excretion on the effectiveness of the drugs in blocking tubular reabsorption and promoting excretion of sodium, and (2) the(More)
A low-frequency (LF) noise characterization of UTBOX SOI nMOSFETs is undertaken in order to understand the variation of the electron mobility in the front-channel. There exists a reasonable correlation between the two parameters, which can be explained by Coulomb scattering at charged traps in the front and back-gate oxide. Exceptions to the observed trend(More)