João Alberto Fabro

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— This paper proposes the development of a fuzzy predictive control. Genetic algorithms (GA's) are used to automatically tune the controller. A recurrent neural network is used to identify the process, and then provides predictions about the process behavior, based on control actions applied to the system. These predictions are used by the fuzzy controller,(More)
When implementing Artificial Neural Networks with imperative programing languages, the resulting programs are usually highly coupled. This problem usually hampers distribution over multiple processors, especially when the ANN executes on general-purpose processors. An emerging technique called Notification Oriented Paradigm (NOP) facilitates the development(More)
This paper presents an hybrid approach to control a simulated AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) for an automotive industry. The proposed approach integrates planning (and re-planning) based on the A* algorithm, with fuzzy obstacle avoidance, in order to avoid unknown or mobile obstacles present in the path of the AGV. The approach is evaluated in a simulated(More)
Fuzzy logic is used in many applications from industrial process control to automotive applications, including consumers trend forecast, aircraft maneuvering control and others. Considering the increased interest in using of multi-rotor aircrafts (usually called drones) for many kinds of applications, it is important to study new methods to improve(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to aid the operational decision-making of scheduling activities in a real-world pipeline, transporting heavy oil derivatives, which are products of less aggregate value, such as fuel oils, e.g. marine fuel. These products present special characteristics that influence their transport as the impossibility of being(More)
Set plays are predefined collaborative coordinate actions that players from any sport can use to gain advantage over its adversaries. Recently, a complete framework for creation and execution of this kind of coordinate behavior by teams composed of multiple independent agents was launched as free software (the Set play Framework). In this paper, an approach(More)
The Setplay Framework (available from SourceForge as free software) is composed of a C++ library (Project name: fcportugalset-plays), a fully functional RoboCup Simulation 2D demonstration team (fcportugalsetplaysagent2d), and a complete graphical tool (SPlanner), that can be used to design and plan the collaborative behavior between the soccer player(More)
This paper presents a digital hybrid filter which can be applied to power electronics control systems. The filter suppresses high-frequency noises while still providing a fast step response, its weighting algorithm is based on an open-loop criteria that analyses the discrepancy between an Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) and a Moving Average (MA) filter. The(More)