João Alberto Fabro

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— This paper proposes the development of a fuzzy predictive control. Genetic algorithms (GA's) are used to automatically tune the controller. A recurrent neural network is used to identify the process, and then provides predictions about the process behavior, based on control actions applied to the system. These predictions are used by the fuzzy controller,(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to aid the operational decision-making of scheduling activities in a real-world pipeline, transporting heavy oil derivatives, which are products of less aggregate value, such as fuel oils, e.g. marine fuel. These products present special characteristics that influence their transport as the impossibility of being(More)
The Setplay Framework (available from SourceForge as free software) is composed of a C++ library (Project name: fcportugalset-plays), a fully functional RoboCup Simulation 2D demonstration team (fcportugalsetplaysagent2d), and a complete graphical tool (SPlanner), that can be used to design and plan the collaborative behavior between the soccer player(More)
This paper presents a digital hybrid filter which can be applied to power electronics control systems. The filter suppresses high-frequency noises while still providing a fast step response, its weighting algorithm is based on an open-loop criteria that analyses the discrepancy between an Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) and a Moving Average (MA) filter. The(More)
This paper presents the development of a fuzzy predictive controller that can be applied to the control of multi-stage processes. Recurrent neural networks are used to identify each stage of the controlled process, and then provide predictions about the stage behaviour. These predictions are used by a set of fuzzy controllers, in order to accomplish several(More)
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