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OBJECTIVE B cells play important roles in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Given the beneficial effect of B cell depletion therapy in RA as well as the observed alterations in B cell subpopulations in this disease, we evaluated whether changes in the expression of genes related to B cell survival and activation were already present in patients with untreated very(More)
Pigmented Vilonodular Synovitis is a rare clinical entity characterized as a synovial membrane benign tumour, despite possible aggressive presentation with articular destruction. The localized variant is four times less frequent and the shoulder involvement is uncommon. We present the case of a Caucasian 59 year-old patient, who presented with left shoulder(More)
PURPOSE Septic arthritis can be disabling and life-threatening, requiring prompt diagnosis and treatment. The infectious agent is not always identified in these patients. We revaluate septic arthritis cases discharged from our department, describing the affected population, causative microorganisms and antibiotic therapy used, and characterised differences(More)
OBJECTIVES Pachydermoperiostosis is a rare clinical entity characterized by skin thickening of the forehead, eyelids, and hands, digital clubbing, and periostosis. Two genes have been associated, HPGD and recently SLCO2A1. We present a detailed clinical and genetic description of an African pachydermoperiostosis patient with a SLCO2A1 mutation. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE To update the recommendations for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) with biological therapies, endorsed by the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology (SPR). METHODS These treatment recommendations were formulated by Portuguese rheumatologists based on literature evidence and consensus opinion. At a national meeting the 10 recommendations(More)
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