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This paper describes a new framework for video dehazing, the process of restoring the visibility of the videos taken under foggy scenes. The framework builds upon techniques in single image dehazing, optical flow estimation and Markov random field. It aims at improving the temporal and spatial coherence of the dehazed video. In this framework, we first(More)
We present a novel unified framework for simulating burning phenomena of thin-shell objects such as paper , cloth, etc. A gradient-based spreading model is proposed to simulate the movement of fire on thin-shell objects. To simulate the crumpling and deformation of thin-shell objects when burning, we present an FFD-based deformation model which takes the(More)
—Dynamic programming (DP) is a popular and efficient technique in many scientific applications such as computational biology. Nevertheless, its performance is limited due to the burgeoning volume of scientific data, and parallelism is necessary and crucial to keep the computation time at acceptable levels. The intrinsically strong data dependency of dynamic(More)