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This paper discusses the modeling and application of thermoelectric cooling (TEC) in power electronics circuits. To investigate the benefits and challenges of using TEC, a temperature-dependent thermoelectric model which includes both power electronics circuits and TEC device is presented. With this model, both steady-state and small signal analyses can be(More)
Electronic equipment analog circuit has high failure rate, factors cause failure are fuzzy, fault diagnosis is complex. This method use Multisim circuit simulation software for band-pass filter circuit simulation and analysis, setting the soft and hard failures to obtain simulation results. Using the largest amount of fault information diagnosis method to(More)
Ant colony algorithm (ACA) is a heuristic search algorithm to solve combinational optimization problems whose selection strategy has direct relations with the information content of the routes which is indefinite. Based on comparison of several improved algorithms, improved ACA based on comentropy is proposed in the paper. By controlling comentropy figure,(More)
 Abstract— This paper presents the design guideline of a bidirectional isolated Cuk converter with active snubber circuit, which is used as a cell level tester for multiple automotive dc Energy Storage Devices (ESD), like ultra-capacitors, Li-Ion batteries, and NiMH batteries. The converter interfaces those automotive dc ESD cells with 24 V dc systems and(More)
This paper introduces a high boost ratio, bidirectional, isolated, dc/dc converter designed as an interface between low voltage, high current dc sources and 24 V dc systems. This converter realizes bidirectional power flow with two main switches and operates under a wide input voltage range, from 1.5 V to 12 V, with an input current as high as 300 A. An(More)
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