Jizhan Liu

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An end-effector for spherical fruit harvesting robot was developed. This end-effector is a multi-sensory one that is universal for spherical fruit such as tomatoes, apples and citrus. It performs fruit singulation with a vacuum suction pad device, fruit gripping and peduncle locating with a two-finger (an upper finger and a lower finger) gripper and(More)
Firstly, a tomato harvesting robot in greenhouse is introduced, the workspace of which is visually verified that it covers the tomatoes distribution space of one plant and hasnpsilat cavity by the pose diagrams of end-effector, and the designed robot has high flexibility. Subsequently the forward and inverse kinematics of harvesting robot is analyzed, so(More)
Detection water and aqueous land hazards in outdoor navigation is a big challenge in unknown outdoor environment. Advantages of laser scanning are encouraging, firstly due to its distinguished detection capacity at night and less quantity of data. It was found by experiments that there was no evident changing trend of laser remission with the increase of(More)
An executive system of tomato harvesting robot was constructed by integrating self-designed end-effector with commercial Motoman manipulator. To communicate the enclosed controller JRC of manipulator with PMAC controller of end-effector, statements in programs of both PComm32PRO and WINCAPS were used to set digital input/output by each other through two(More)
Since traditional detaching methods have shortfalls in practice, a laser stem-cutting device for fruit harvesting robot was designed, which includes a laser generation and control unit and an actuating mechanism. A 30 W high-power fiber-coupled laser diode is selected, and it is supplied with a lithium battery whose gradually-dropped voltage is turned to(More)
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