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Demand response systems in the electricity grid, which rely on two way communication between the consumers and utility, requires the transmission of instantaneous energy consumption to utilities. Perfect knowledge of a users' power consumption profile by a utility is a violation of privacy and can be detrimental to the successful implementation of demand(More)
Variable Bitrate Coding (VBR) has shown to be an advantageous method of encoding data streams, with particular application to speech, audio and video streams. While the primary disadvantage of VBR has long been considered as the increasing encoding complexity, recent research into traffic analysis of VBR coded audio streams has exposed an important privacy(More)
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) plays a crucial role in Demand Side Management (DSM) in Smart Grid systems. It provides real-time, two-way communication capabilities between a utility/load aggregator and consumers. The communication infrastructure, by virtue of topological weaknesses, is vulnerable to cyber attacks that are undetectable or stealthy.(More)
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