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Along with its economic reform, China has experienced a rapid urbanization. This study mapped urban land expansion in China using high-resolution Landsat Thematic Mapper and Enhanced Thematic Mapper data of 1989/1990, 1995/1996 and 1999/2000 and analyzed its expansion modes and the driving forces underlying this process during 1990-2000. Our results show(More)
Gross primary production (GPP) plays an important role in the net ecosystem exchange of CO 2 between the atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems. It is particularly important to monitor GPP in Southeast Asia because of increasing rates of tropical forest OPEN ACCESS 2109 degradation and deforestation in the region in recent decades. The newly available,(More)
Western Development is an important strategy of China Government. The ecological environment in the western region of China is very fragile, and any improper human activity or resource utilization will lead to irrecoverable ecological degradation. Therefore, the integrated ecosystem assessment in the western region of China is of great significance to the(More)
BACKGROUND The nasopalatine nerve may be injured during extraction of teeth embedded in the anterior hard palate. The neural recovery process and its impact on sensation in the anterior hard palatal region are controversial. In our clinical practice, we noticed a distinct recovery process in children compared with adolescents or adults after surgery. We(More)
Image segmentation, which usually employs a statistical model, is an essential step in synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) image processing. This work addresses the Rayleigh mixture model (RMM), representing SAS underwater amplitude image. High resolution SAS image of detected artificial object is segmented using RMM and Markov random field (MRF) model. We(More)
Surface urban heat island (SUHI) in the context of urbanization has gained much attention in recent decades; however, the seasonal variations of SUHI and their drivers are still not well documented. In this study, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (BTH) urban agglomeration, one of the most typical areas experiencing drastic urbanization in China, was selected to(More)