Jiyuan Liu

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Land resource is the basis of human survival and development. The variation of Human environment coupling system can be reflected directly on regional land use/cover change. In this article, we obtained four phase land cover spatial data sets by interpreting MSS images of middle and late 1970s and three phase TM images of late 1980s, 2004 and 2008 based on(More)
Since implementation of reform and opening-up policy in China in 1970s, some meteorological observation stations 'entered' into cities passively due to urban expansion. Along with the development of economic and society, spatial expansion of urban land becomes to be the major character of land-use change now and in the future in China gradually (Liu et al.(More)
Wind erosion is one of the major environmental problems in semi-arid and arid regions. Here we established a transect from northwest (Tariat, Mongolia) to southeast (Xilingol, Inner Mongolia of China) across the Mongolian Plateau, and estimated the soil wind erosion gradient patterns by using the 137 Cs tracing technique. In the Mongolia section, the wind(More)