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Information on the area and spatial distribution of paddy rice fields is needed for trace gas emission estimates, management of water resources, and food security. Paddy rice fields are characterized by an initial period of flooding and transplanting, during which period open canopy (a mixture of surface water and rice crops) exists. The Moderate Resolution(More)
Data on three major determinants of the carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems are used with the process-based Terrestrial Ecosystem Model (TEM) to simulate the combined effect of climate variability, increasing atmospheric CO 2 concentration, and cropland establishment and abandonment on the exchange of CO 2 between the atmosphere and monsoon Asian(More)
have been extensively applied to global climate change. However, the noise impedes these data from being further analyzed and used. In this paper, a wavelet-based method is used to remove the contaminated data from time-series observations, which can effectively maintain the temporal pattern and approximate the " true " signals. The method is composed of(More)
The MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change combines cutting-edge scientific research with independent policy analysis to provide a solid foundation for the public and private decisions needed to mitigate and adapt to unavoidable global environmental changes. Being data-driven, the Program uses extensive Earth system and economic data(More)
SOC inventory and soil δ13C were widely used to access the size of soil C pool and to indicate the dynamics of C input and output. The effects of climatic factors and soil physical characteristics and plant litter input on SOC inventory and soil δ13C were analyzed to better understand the dynamics of carbon cycling across ecosystems on the Qinghai-Tibetan(More)
Several previous reports indicated that microRNA-504 (miR-504) has an oncogenic function through negatively regulating p53. On the other hand, a recent study revealed that miR-504 inhibits cancer cell proliferation through targeting CDK6 in hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (HSCC), suggesting the tumor suppressive role of this miRNA. However, the role(More)
The circulation of H9N2 viruses throughout the world, along with their expanded host range, poses a potential health risk to the public, but the host responses to H9N2 virus in mammals were little known. To obtain insight into the host immune responses to the avian H9N2 virus, the expressions of both cytokines and chemokines in the lungs of infected mice(More)
Polycystin-2, a member of the TRP family of calcium channels, is encoded by the human PKD2 gene. Mutations in that gene can lead to swelling of nephrons into the fluid-filled cysts of polycystic kidney disease. In addition to expression in tubular epithelial cells, human polycystin-2 is found in muscle and neuronal cells, but its cell biological function(More)