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Open IPTV has attracted considerable attention and is expected to bring great changes in the IPTV service area. However, because of its openness and IP network characteristics, security is one of the major issues hindering its commercialization. For IPTV, several security mechanisms for user authentication and content protection have been applied to make(More)
Telecommunication networks are getting more important in our social lives because many people want to share their information and ideas. Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet and ubiquitous technologies including mobile devices such as smart phones, mobile phones and tablet PCs, the quality of our lives has been greatly influenced and rapidly(More)
In this paper, we propose an energy-efficient and secure channel group key establishment and rekeying management scheme for mobile IPTV service. Compared with traditional IPTV service, mobile IPTV is much more vulnerable to various attacks, and membership management is more complicated because of the user mobility. Our scheme provides a group key management(More)
The disabled have settled down as smart phone users in this age as users of these phones have exponentially increased in recent years. The theme of this paper is how to create a better world using the information that people want to exchange with each other between the disabled and the general population. On the other hand, the main goal is to provide the(More)
M2M(Machine-to-Machine) communication is considered to be one of the major issues in future network. Especially, M2M will bring various benefits in wireless communications when it is interconnected with cellular network. Considering the characteristics of cellular M2M network, traditional security solutions are not practical to apply because the cellular(More)