Jiyoung Hong

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Enteroviruses (EVs) are the leading cause of aseptic meningitis, which is the most frequent central nervous system infection worldwide. We aimed to characterize the EVs involved in an aseptic meningitis outbreak in Korea in 2008. In Korea, Echovirus type 30 (E30) and E6 have been associated with outbreaks and frequent meningitis. During 2008, through(More)
We assessed neurologic sequelae associated with an enterovirus 71 (EV71) outbreak in South Korea during 2009. Four of 94 patients had high signal intensities at brainstem or cerebellum on magnetic resonance imaging. Two patients died of cardiopulmonary collapse; 2 had severe neurologic sequelae. Severity and case-fatality rates may differ by EV71 genotype(More)
The mandate of the International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise (ICBEN) is to promote a high level of scientific research concerning all aspects of noise-induced effects on human beings and animals. In this review, ICBEN team chairs and co-chairs summarize relevant findings, publications, developments, and policies related to the biological(More)
An experimental study was performed to compare the annoyances from civil-aircraft noise, military-aircraft noise, railway noise, and road-traffic noise. Two-way within-subjects designs were applied in this research. Fifty-two subjects, who were naive listeners, were given various stimuli with varying levels through a headphone in an anechoic chamber.(More)
The exposure-response relationships between subjective annoyance with sleep disturbance from railway trains and road traffic noise were established from an extensive social survey by CENVR (Center for Environmental Noise and Vibration Research) in Korea. The objectives of this research are to determine the long-term effects of noise on sleep and to compare(More)
INTRODUCTION The first synthesis study for the community response to noise was reported by Shultz in 1978 (Schultz 1978). It covers the response to all the traffic noise including aircraft as well as ground vehicles. Kryter found that the response to ground traffic noise differed from that to air traffic noise at the same exposure level (Kryter 1982).(More)
BACKGROUND Enterovirus (EV) infections are commonly associated with encephalitis and meningitis. Detection of enteroviral RNA in clinical specimens has been demonstrated to improve the management of patients, by ruling out other causes of disease. METHOD To develop a sensitive and reliable assay for routine laboratory diagnosis, we developed a real-time(More)
In Korea, every vaccine lot is tested by the National Center for Lot Release (NCLR) in accordance with the national lot release procedures to ensure the safety and efficacy of vaccines. These quality tests examine the virus content in varicella vaccines via plaque assays (either the agar overlay method [AOM] or plaque staining method [PSM]), according to(More)
Introduction Noise is one of the most prevalent environmental and occupational hazards, which, if excessive, may cause hearing damage. According to the recent estimation of environmental noise pollution, as many as 104 million individuals in the US had annual L EX,24h levels of above 70 dB in 2013, and were at increased risk of noise-induced hearing loss,(More)