Jiyoun Christina Chang

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  • X. Zou, F. Vandenberghe, B. Wang, M. E. Gorbunov, Y.-H. Kuo, S. Sokolovskiy +3 others
  • 1999
The development of small, high-performance instruments to receive Global Positioning System (GPS) signals has created an opportunity for active remote sounding of the Earth's atmosphere by radio occultation techniques. A prototype demonstration of this capability has been provided by the GPS Meteorology (GPS/MET) experiment. Although it was shown that high(More)
After nucleation, a large earthquake propagates as an expanding rupture front along a fault. This front activates countless fault patches that slip by consuming energy stored in Earth's crust. We simulated the slip of a fault patch by rapidly loading an experimental fault with energy stored in a spinning flywheel. The spontaneous evolution of strength,(More)
With a ray-tracing procedure and variational data assimilation techniques, it is now possible to make direct use of radio occultation bending angles, rather than their derived temperature and moisture retrievals, in atmospheric data analysis and assimilation. This paper describes results obtained from including more than 800 GPS/MET bending angle profiles,(More)
Recycling provides a key strategy to move towards a more sustainable society by partially mitigating the impact of fast-growing material consumption. Recent advances in reprocessing technologies enable recyclers to incorporate low-quality secondary materials into higher quality finished products. Despite technological development, the use of these materials(More)
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