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Growth and Migration of BALB/3T3 Fibroblast Cells on Nano-engineered Silica Beads Surface
In this study, the behavior of cells on the modified surface, and the correlation between the modified substrates and the response of cells is described. A close-packed layer of nano-sized silicaExpand
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Demonstration of functional similarity of a biosimilar adalimumab SB5 to Humira®.
A biosimilar is a biological medicinal product that is highly similar to an authorized biological product in terms of quality, biological activity, safety and efficacy. SB5 was developed by SamsungExpand
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Cytostatic effects of plant essential oils on human skin and lung cells
Essential oils are volatile compounds extracted from various plants by distillation, hydrodiffusion or compression. In recent years, the use of essential oils has gained popularity. ManyExpand
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A novel process concept for the three step Boscalid® synthesis
Nowadays, the development of chemical processes using environmentally friendly solvents is of high importance. As an alternative to conventional reaction media based on organic solvents, we show aExpand
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Data on cytotoxicity of plant essential oils in A549 and Detroit 551 cells
To secure the safety for industrial applications of plant essential oils, it is necessary to determine the inhibitory concentration and inhibitory mechanism of cell proliferation in skin cells andExpand
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Learning Alliance Understanding urban risk traps in Freetown MSc Environment and Sustainable Development Practice Module 2018-19 POLICY BRIEF No 1 Exploring the multi-dimensional aspects of Coastal
Authors Summary Freetown’s coastal informal settlements have experienced extensive and intensifying coastal flooding in recent years. However, for coastal informal settlements, coastal flooding isExpand