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In information age, reliability of digital manufacturing equipment has a large impact on throughput, productivity and executing predictive maintenance. Accurate reliability forecasts can provide a good assessment of machine performance in order to execute predictive maintenance effectively. This paper investigates a methodology of applying support vector(More)
Problem statement: In template-based motion recognition approaches, feature sets are computed from the template for classification. Hu invariants are widely employed for this purpose since its inception. However, development of lower-dimensional feature vector sets is required for faster computation along with robust recognition. The concept of reduced size(More)
With the effect of periodical impulses, most machinery fault vibration signals are muticomponent modulation signals. The effective decomposition approach is the key to demodulate signals and extract fault characteristics. Local mean decomposition (LMD) is a new kind of time-frequency analysis approach, which can decompose the signals adaptively into a set(More)
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