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To understand carbon and oxygen dynamics in sediments with deep oxygen penetration, we investigated eight locations (160–318-m depth) throughout Lake Superior. Despite the 2–4 weight percent organic carbon content, oxygen penetrated into the sediment by 3.5 to . 12 cm at all locations. Such deep penetration is explained by low sedimentation rates (0.01–0.04(More)
Lipids play an important role in plants due to their abundance and their extensive participation in many metabolic processes. Genes involved in lipid metabolism have been extensively studied in Arabidopsis and other plant species. In this study, a total of 1003 maize lipid-related genes were cloned and annotated, including 42 genes with experimental(More)
Nowadays, many studies of the discovery of needs and feelings of the hotel customers are not only around before-booking period, but also do not consider the privacy of customers completely. While the best period of studies of this knowledge are after the booking took place, there are two major problems for its unpopular: one is personal privacy, the other(More)
Peroxisomes are essential organelles that house a wide array of metabolic reactions important for plant growth and development. However, our knowledge regarding the role of peroxisomal proteins in various biological processes, including plant stress response, is still incomplete. Recent proteomic studies of plant peroxisomes significantly increased the(More)
Plant peroxisomes are highly dynamic organelles that mediate a suite of metabolic processes crucial to development. Peroxisomes in seeds/dark-grown seedlings and in photosynthetic tissues constitute two major subtypes of plant peroxisomes, which had been postulated to contain distinct primary biochemical properties. Multiple in-depth proteomic analyses had(More)
To understand the nitrogen (N) cycle in sediments with deep oxygen penetration, we measured pore-water profiles to calculate N fluxes and rates at 13 locations in Lake Superior in water depths ranging from 26 to 318 m. Sediments with high oxygen demand, such as in nearshore or high-sedimentation areas, contribute disproportionally to benthic N removal,(More)
In higher plants, light-grown seedlings exhibit photomorphogenesis, a developmental program controlled by a complex web of interactions between photoreceptors, central repressors, and downstream effectors that leads to changes in gene expression and physiological changes. Light induces peroxisomal proliferation through a phytochrome A-mediated pathway, in(More)
Real-world data mining is a complex problemsolving system. In real data mining applications, more and more researchers realized the need from traditional data mining to knowledge discovery to deliver useful knowledge for the business decision-making. Thus, actionable knowledge discovery is introduced during the context. This study draws on analysis of the(More)
This paper presents a Markov method of algorithmic efficiency. A production process can be in either a good or a bad state. The true state is unknown and can only be inferred from observations. If the state is good during one period it may deteriorate and become bad during the next period. Two actions are available: continue or replace (for a fixed cost).(More)
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