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Gynogenesis of Chinese long cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) was obtained from unpollinated ovules cultured on cucumber basal medium (CBM) supplemented with thidiazuron (TDZ) and in some experiments AgNO3. High induction frequencies (7.85–12.14 %) were induced from unpollinated ovules at the time of anthesis at 0.03–0.07 mg dm−3 TDZ. Histological analysis(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Most genetic variants identified for type 2 diabetes have been discovered in European populations. We performed genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in a Chinese population with the aim of identifying novel variants for type 2 diabetes in Asians. METHODS We performed a meta-analysis of three GWAS comprising 684 patients with type 2(More)
To understand carbon and oxygen dynamics in sediments with deep oxygen penetration, we investigated eight locations (160–318-m depth) throughout Lake Superior. Despite the 2–4 weight percent organic carbon content, oxygen penetrated into the sediment by 3.5 to. 12 cm at all locations. Such deep penetration is explained by low sedimentation rates (0.01–0.04(More)
Peroxisomes are essential organelles that house a wide array of metabolic reactions important for plant growth and development. However, our knowledge regarding the role of peroxisomal proteins in various biological processes, including plant stress response, is still incomplete. Recent proteomic studies of plant peroxisomes significantly increased the(More)
i Acknowledgements I would like to thank my advisor, Sergei Katsev, for his advice and assistance throughout this project. I also want to thank my other committee members, Jay Austin and Nathan Johnson. The courses and discussions I had with them were a valuable part of my graduate education. I want to thank Jiying Li for her constant support, willingness(More)
Drought is a major environmental stress that limits potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) production worldwide. The transcription factor DREB1A/CBF3 specifically interacts with the dehydration responsive element (DRE/CRT) and induces expression of genes involved in environmental stress tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana. In this study, DREB1A of A. thaliana was(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost I wish to acknowledge my thesis advisors, Dr. Bob Hecky and Dr. Tom Johnson, for the opportunity to work on such a project. The Lake Kivu system is far from simple and this project has provided many thought-provoking discussions with some of the most experienced researchers in tropical African limnology and(More)
To understand the nitrogen (N) cycle in sediments with deep oxygen penetration, we measured pore-water profiles to calculate N fluxes and rates at 13 locations in Lake Superior in water depths ranging from 26 to 318 m. Sediments with high oxygen demand, such as in nearshore or high-sedimentation areas, contribute disproportionally to benthic N removal,(More)
The effects of different dietary electrolyte balance (DEB) on growth performance, nitrogen (N) metabolism and some blood biochemical parameters were investigated in 2 to 3 months old growing rabbits. A total of 150 growing rabbits of 2 months age were randomly divided into five groups according to average body weight, with 30 rabbits in each group. The DEB(More)