Jiyi Wu

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—As interest in the cloud increases, there has been a lot of talk about the maturity and trustworthiness of cloud storage technologies. Is it still hype or is it real? Many end-users and IT managers are getting very excited about the potential benefits of cloud storage, such as being able to store and manipulate data in the cloud and capitalizing on the(More)
Due to the restrictions that most traditional scheduling strategies only cared about users’ quality of service (QoS) time or cost requirements, lacked the effective analysis of users’ real service demand and could not guarantee scheduling security, this paper added trust into workflow’s QoS target and proposed a novel customizable cloud workflow scheduling(More)
The principal aim of the GOLD project (Grid-based Information Models to Support the Rapid Innovation of New High Value-Added Chemicals) is to carry out research into enabling technology to support the formation, operation and termination of Virtual Organisations (VOs). This technology has been implemented in the form of a set of middleware components, which(More)
With the rapid development of future network, there has been an explosive growth in multimedia data such as web images. Hence, an efficient image retrieval engine is necessary. Previous studies concentrate on the single concept image retrieval, which has limited practical usability. In practice, users always employ an Internet image retrieval system with(More)