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Increased lung vascular permeability is an important contributor to respiratory failure in acute lung injury (ALI). We found that a function-blocking antibody against the integrin ␣v␤5 prevented development of lung vascular permeability in two different models of ALI: ischemia-reperfusion in rats (mediated by vascular endothe-lial growth factor [VEGF]) and(More)
The Control anti-avb3 micrograph in the original version of Fig. 5 A was a duplicate of the Control micrograph in Fig. 6 A. The authors have indicated that this was due to a clerical error during figure preparation. A corrected version of Fig. 5 A is shown below. In addition, the original version of Fig. 9 B showed a composite panel for Total Erk1/Erk2 that(More)
We demonstrate that a peptoid composed of five monomers and attached via a maleimide linker to a carrier protein elicits anti-peptoid, anti-linker and anti-carrier antibodies in rabbits. Specific anti-peptoid antibodies were affinity purified and used to reproducibly retrieve three specific peptoid-coupled beads from 20,000 irrelevant peptoid-beads using(More)
Integral imaging display (IID) is a promising technology to provide realistic 3D image without glasses. To achieve a large screen IID with a reasonable fabrication cost, a potential solution is a tiled-lens-array IID (TLA-IID). However, TLA-IIDs are subject to 3D image artifacts when there are even slight misalignments between the lens arrays. This work(More)
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