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Studies evaluating phonological contrast learning typically investigate either the predictiveness of specific pretraining aptitude measures or the efficacy of different instructional paradigms. However, little research considers how these factors interact--whether different students learn better from different types of instruction--and what the(More)
This case study investigated patterns of interaction and participation in a large online course. 88 Korean undergraduates participated in online fora during 2 weeks. It was found that there was a comparatively high portion of metacognitive interaction and higher phase of knowledge construction. However, it was found that students posted required number of(More)
— Over recent years, mobile Internet devices such as laptops, PDAs, smart phones etc, have become extremely popular and widespread. Once on board of a vehicle, these devices can automatically connect to the vehicle processor and thus greatly amplify the communications and processing capabilities available to the owner in a " pedestrian mode. " We envision(More)
The paper reports findings derived from three experiments examining syntactic and morphosyntactic processing in individuals with agrammatic and logopenic variants of primary progressive aphasia (PPA-G and PPA-L, respectively) and stroke-induced agrammatic and anomic aphasia (StrAg and StrAn, respectively). We examined comprehension and production of(More)
It has been shown across several languages that verb inflection is difficult for agrammatic aphasic speakers. In particular, Tense inflection is vulnerable. Several theoretical accounts for this have been posed, for example, a pure syntactic one suggesting that the Tense node is unavailable due to its position in the syntactic tree (Friedmann & Grodzinsky,(More)
A mixed-criticality system consists of multiple components with different criticalities. While mixed-criticality scheduling has been extensively studied for the uniprocessor case, the problem of efficient scheduling for the multiprocessor case has largely remained open. We design a fluid model-based multiprocessor mixed-criticality scheduling algorithm,(More)
Two eyetracking experiments examined the real-time production of verb arguments and adjuncts in healthy and agrammatic aphasic speakers. Verb argument structure has been suggested to play an important role during grammatical encoding (Bock & Levelt, 1994) and in speech deficits of agrammatic aphasic speakers (Thompson, 2003). However, little is known about(More)
That there exist two losing games that can be combined, either by random mixture or by nonran-dom alternation, to form a winning game is known as Parrondo's paradox. We establish a strong law of large numbers and a central limit theorem for the Parrondo player's sequence of profits, both in a one-parameter family of capital-dependent games and in a(More)
The goal of this research is to provide an advanced programming environment for ubiquitous computing, which facilitates the development of secure and reliable ubiquitous software. A discussion follows on the design and implementation of a ubiquitous programming framework, which is based on high-level policy description language. A context-based access(More)