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This case study investigated patterns of interaction and participation in a large online course. 88 Korean undergraduates participated in online fora during 2 weeks. It was found that there was a comparatively high portion of metacognitive interaction and higher phase of knowledge construction. However, it was found that students posted required number of(More)
— Over recent years, mobile Internet devices such as laptops, PDAs, smart phones etc, have become extremely popular and widespread. Once on board of a vehicle, these devices can automatically connect to the vehicle processor and thus greatly amplify the communications and processing capabilities available to the owner in a " pedestrian mode. " We envision(More)
Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent calcineurin has been shown to have important roles in various Ca(2+) signaling pathways. We have previously reported that cnb-1(jh103) mutants, null mutants of a regulatory B subunit, displayed pleiotropic defects including uncoordinated movement and delayed egg laying in Caenorhabditis elegans. Interestingly, gain-of-function(More)
A mixed-criticality system consists of multiple components with different criticalities. While mixed-criticality scheduling has been extensively studied for the uniprocessor case, the problem of efficient scheduling for the multiprocessor case has largely remained open. We design a fluid model-based multiprocessor mixed-criticality scheduling algorithm,(More)
The goal of this research is to provide an advanced programming environment for ubiquitous computing, which facilitates the development of secure and reliable ubiquitous software. A discussion follows on the design and implementation of a ubiquitous programming framework, which is based on high-level policy description language. A context-based access(More)
We consider an M/G/1 queueing system where the speed of the server depends on the amount of work present in the system. As a service policy, we adopt the P M λ,τ release policy in a dam model. By using the level crossing theory and solving the corresponding integral equations, we obtain the stationary distribution of the workload in the system explicitly.
The goal of this work is to provide an abstraction of ideal sound environments to a new emerging class of <i>Mobile Multi-speaker Audio</i> (MMA) applications. Typically, it is challenging for MMA applications to implement advanced sound features (e.g., surround sound) accurately in mobile environments, especially due to unknown, irregular loudspeaker(More)
An infinite dam with compound Poisson inputs and a state-dependent release rate is considered. For this dam, we solve Kolmogorov's backward differential equation to obtain the Laplace transforms of the first exit times in terms of a certain positive kernel. This allows us to provide an explicit expression for the Laplace transform of the wet period for a(More)