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Construction and evaluation of efficient distinguishers with broad generality is one fundamental problem in the area of side-channel cryptanalysis. Due to their capabilities to deal with general correlations, MIA-like distinguishers have received wide attention from academia. In this paper, we conduct a comprehensive comparison investigation of existing(More)
Power analysis attack, one of the most important side-channel cryptanalysis, poses serious threats to the physical security of cryptographic implementations. In order to assess the physical security of cryptographic implementations, especially within design phases, some fundamental supporting tools appear to be highly helpful. Additionally, such tools are(More)
Distinguisher serves as an essential component in DPA attacks and should to some extent influence behaviors of these attacks. Motivated by this, we proposed a sound approach to evaluating the effectiveness of DPA attacks from the perspective of distinguishers' statistical characteristics. For this propose, we formally defined the notion of Gaussian(More)
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