Jiye Huang

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In order to solve some shortages existing glove knitting machine, we use "Cortex-M4" core STM32F407 processor and the MAX II CPLD series, and design an automatic electronic jacquard control system based on above. The main advantage of this system is using STM32F407 processor to realize the management and control of the entire operation of the jacquard(More)
Oral diseases are major public health problems that impact people from early childhood. However, children's oral hygiene in China remains a severe problem due to inadequate education on oral hygiene behavior and parents' lack of knowledge about their childrens' dental condition. To address these problems, we propose DAYA, a system consisting of a(More)
In order to make the industrial robot catch the target object accurately, an automatic positioning system based on monocular vision is proposed in this paper. Specifically, efficient localization algorithms are applied to get the position information of the target object. Besides, in consideration of further application requirements, an additional(More)
This paper presents the design of a WEB-based remote control platform for the water supply system, describes the working mechanism, hardware configuration and software design process of the system and analyzes the key technologies. The platform is used to control the water supply system in the residential area and monitor quality parameters of water.(More)
This design of the asynchronous motor frequency converter system is based on the use of fixed-point DSP TMS320F2812 controller, take voltage space vector pulse-duration modulation (SVPWM) as the control method, the full text take the frequency changer system hardware design and the software realization as the leadership, and introduced in detail the(More)
In order to solve several problems such as less automation, high labor intensity and inefficiency, which are brought by the traditional human inspection methods, we develop a machine vision system for film capacitor defect inspection in this paper. Specifically, we use high-definition CMOS industrial cameras, IPC board and STM32 controller to set up the(More)
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