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An automatic scaling C program translator is developed for the eecient execution of application programs in xed-point digital signal processors. The program for range estimation is automatically generated by inserting codes which collect the statistics of each signal during the simulation. With the range information, the number of shifts needed for the(More)
A floating-point to integer C program translator is developed for convenient programming and efficient use of fixed-point programmable digital signal processors (DSP’s). It not only converts data types and supports automatic scaling, but also conducts shift optimization to enhance execution speed. Since the input and output of this translator are ANSI C(More)
Fixed-point C language is proposed for convenient and efficient programming of fixed-point digital signal processors. This language has a 'fix' data type that can have an individual integer wordlength according to the range of a variable. It can add or subtract two data having different integer wordlengths by automatically inserting shift operations. The(More)
In this paper, a new instruction caching scheme that utilizes the block priority information is proposed mainly targeted for embedded multimedia processors. The block priority information is obtained by profiling application programs. The goal of this caching scheme is to keep more important code blocks longer using the block priority information, which(More)
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