Jiyang Gao

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Action classification in still images is an important task in computer vision. It is challenging as the appearances of actions may vary depending on their context (e.g. associated objects). Manually labeling of context information would be time consuming and difficult to scale up. To address this challenge, we propose a method to automatically discover and(More)
Action classification in still images has been a popular research topic in computer vision. Labelling large scale datasets for action classification requires tremendous manual work, which is hard to scale up. Besides, the action categories in such datasets are pre-defined and vocabularies are fixed. However humans may describe the same action with different(More)
Malposition of the acetabular and femoral component has long been recognized as an important cause of dislocation after total hip replacement (THR) surgeries. In order to help surgeons improve the positioning accuracy of the components, a visual-aided system for THR surgeries that could estimate orientation and depth of femoral component is proposed. The(More)
To improve the positioning accuracy of implants in Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgeries, a visual-aided wireless monitoring system for THR surgery is proposed in this paper. This system aims to measure and display the contact distribution and relative pose between femoral head and acetabulum prosthesis during the surgery to help surgeons obtain accurate(More)
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