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With handling qualities requirements ADS-33 taken as design criteria, the robust controller for a helicopter in low-speed forward flight is designed by the use of H∞ mixed sensitivity approach. In the process of designing the controller, genetic algorithms are used to optimize the parameters of weighting functions in order to search for the H∞ controller(More)
Helicopter trim models are nonlinear equations with lots of variables in fact, and the state of each variable is quite hard to determine. Itpsilas quite difficult to solve such nonlinear equations in numerical compute field so far. Combining the traditional numerical algorithmspsila (such as quasi-Newton Method) quick convergent ability, and the genetic(More)
A polynomial transformation technique is used to obtain a model for a dual-rate nonlinear system in which the output sampling interval is an integer multiple of the control interval. Based on this model, a self-tuning control algorithm is presented by minimizing output tracking error criteria from directly the dual-rate measurement data. The selftuning(More)
A nonlinear load is a factor which effects inverterpsilas output voltage waveform in single-phase inverter system. Considering nonlinear characteristic, the load with uncontrollable single-phase rectifier with capacitor filter was modeled. The nonlinear model of the inverter system was obtained based on that. The model was tested to be correct through(More)
This paper treats the question of robust control of chaos in modified FitzHugh–Nagumo neuron model under external electrical stimulation based on internal model principle. We first present the solution of the global robust output regulation problem for output feedback system with nonlinear exosystem. Then we show that the robust control problem for the(More)